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Domestic Solar Cooker

What is Solar Cooker ?

A solar cooker looks like a simple square aluminium suitcase, with five main components with an outer box measuring 500 x 500 x 165 mm with three containers.

Benefits of using the solar cooker

  • In an age where domestic fuel costs are rising each year, the solar cooker is a real boon.
  • Reasonably priced, easy-to-use and completely trouble-free, the solar cooker is an ideal supplement to the conventional cooking appliances.
  • Can be used 300 days a year.
  • No fuel required for cooking.
  • All items can be cooked except the fried and chapatis.
  • Cooking is safe and clean.
  • Solar cooking is entirely non-polluting and has no ill effects on health.
  • Food cooked in solar cooker tastes better, is more nutritious and healthy.
  • No need to keep close watch during cooking as the process is slow.
  • Cooking time is around 1.30 to 2.30 hours.
  • Food remains hot as long as the glass assembly is not opened.
  • Three LPG cylinders can be saved annually as a result of solar cooking.
  • Pay-back period is around three years.
  • Life is around 10-15 years.
  • O & M cost is almost negligible.
Did you know?
  • The first box type solar cooker was built by Horace de Saussure, a Swiss naturalist, in 1767! He is said to have cooked fruits in it.
  • That box type solar cookers can be fabricated using just cardboard and aluminum foil? Check out this website for the design
  • In the 1950’s UN and other funding agencies commissioned studies to design solar cookers. The conclusion was encouraging – that solar cooker can cook food thoroughly and nutritiously and was easy to make and use.
  • Based on the above study, UN sponsored programmes to introduce them in communities where there was a felt need, but this did not meet with much success.
  • A World Conference on Solar Cooking was held in Stockton, California, in 1992. ( )

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