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Maharashtra Forts

There are nearly 350 forts in Maharashtra, so it is said that forts are the glory of Maharashtra. Most of these forts are associated with the great Maratha ruler, Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj. It is believed that he developed as many as thirteen forts.

Vijaydurg fort is regarded to be the best sea fort developed by Shivaji. 
Every fort has temple inside that was a powerful inspiration to the Maratha fighters. 510 km away from Mumbai is the famous Sindhudurg and Vijaydurg forts. This twin fort was constructed with the special guidelines from Shivaji. This fort is famous for its serene environmental beauty and its historic importance.

Shivner fort is the fort where Shivaji was born. This fort is nearly about 120 km from Pune.

Pratapgad fort reminds the fiery battle fought between Shivaji and Afzal Khan.

One must see the 300-year old fine architectural fort of Murud - Janjira fort, Lohagad and Visapur Forts, Harishchandragad Fort, Arnala Fort and Ajinkyatara Fort are ideal for trekking. Adventure lovers must visit these forts.

Devagiri Daulatabad Fort Devagiri Daulatabad
Devagiri (Daultabad of the later period), 

Murud Janjira Murud Janjira
Situated on a rock of oval shape near the port town of Murud,

Raigarh Fort Raigarh
Raigarh was Shivaji’s capital, the hill fort where he was crowned 

Sindhudurg Fort Sindhudurg
Sindhudurg fort stands on a rocky island, known as Kurte, 

Panhala Fort Panhala
Panhala or Panhalgarh, about 19kms north-west of Kolhapur, is.. 

Vijayadurg Fort Vijayadurg
Raigarh was Shivaji’s capital, the hill fort where he was crowned 

Ahmednagar Fort
Ahmednagar Fort is one of the best designed forts in the entire state of Maharashtra. At the same time, it is also counted amongst the impregnable forts of India. The fort is situated in the Ahmednagar district and dates back to the year 1559.

Panhala Fort
Panhala Fort is situated at a distance of approximately 19 km from the Kolhapur city of Maharashtra. Counted amongst the largest as well as most significant forts of the Deccan region of India, it stands perched at an altitude of around 850 m above the sea level .

Janjira Fort
Janjira Fort is situated in the Murud town of Maharashtra. Infact, the Island Fort serves as one of the major attractions of the town. Murud served as the erstwhile capital of the Siddi rulers of Janjira in the earlier times. Today, Janjira is counted amongst the few sea forts of India and lies 2 km inside the town.

Raigad Fort
Raigad Fort is a magnificent hill fortress, situated in the Raigad district of Maharashtra. It lies approximately 125 km away from Pune and serves as one of the major excursion of the city. The fort once served as the capital of Chhatrapati Shivaji, the Great Maratha king, in the 1674.

Shivneri Fort
Shivneri Fort is one of the most magnificent as well as historically rich forts of India. It is situated at a distance of approximately 90 km from the Pune city of Maharashtra. The fort dates back to the time period when Shivaji was not even born yet. Shivneri Fort was built under the aegis of Sahaji.

Sinhagad Fort
Adding to the attraction of the Pune city is the Sinhagad Fort, which lies in the vicinity of the city. The fort stands perched on a hill, at an altitude of approximately 700 m above the landscape that surrounds it. The height at which the fort stands has resulted in its being very popular.

Sindhudurg Fort
Maharashtra is known for its rich historical legacy. The land has been a silent witness to some of the most gruesome battles that have been fought in India. One such symbol of the rich historical past is the mighty Sindhudurg fort. It is situated in Sindhudurg district.
Bassein: Bassein Fort is about 55km from Mumbai. Located in Vasai this Fort was built by Bahadur Shah, the then Sultan of Gujarat. The Bassein Fort is in ruins now.

Daulatabad: Daulatabad Fort was built by Bhilma Raja of the Yadava Dynasty in 1187. It was then known as Devagiri or the Hill of Gods. Daulatabad gained its modern name by Mohammad Tughlak, when he wanted to shift his capital here and named it as Daulatabad or the City of Fortunes. It’s situated atop hill, 13 km from Aurangabad.

Gavilgad: The 300 year old Gavilgad Fort is Located near Chikhaldara hill station in Amravati district of Maharashtra. It is said that this is the place from where Bhima killed Keechaka and threw him down the hill into the valley. The Gavilgad Fort is now under the Melghat Tiger Project.

Ghodbunder: Away from the busy city lives, Ghodbunder is located atop hill in the lap nature’s tranquility. The panoramic view of the Bassein is not to be missed from here.

Murud – Janjira: Situated 165 km away from Mumbai Murud – Janjira is a walled island away from shore. This is probably the only fort standing strong on the 720km coastline of Maharashtra.

Murud – Harnai: The Murud – Harnai fort is famous for its clean beach, white sands and clear water. 

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