Sunday, June 20, 2010

Chakradhar Swami and his Mahanubhav Panth

The Mahanubhav sect of western India was started by Shri Chakradhar Swami in 1267. He propagated a religious movement as well as social movement, in which all were accepted irrespective of their castes and the traditional ritualistic religion was rejected.

The work established by Mukundraj by the end of the twelfth century was effectively taken forth after the beginning of the thirteenth century by Mahanubhav Panth. 

Chakradhar Swami rejected the idea that Sanskrit was the only effective language for imparting knowledge and proudly embraced the Marathi language as an effective media for pursuing and imparting knowledge. 

All the writers and poets of the Mahanubhav sect have contributed to enhancing the greatness and capability of the Marathi language. Their pride in the Marathi language is a great favour to the language.

Seven books written by writers of the Mahanubhav sect are famous as Sati Granth:

1. Shishupal Vadh    - 1195 - Poet BhaskarBhat Borikar
2. Ekadshaskand        - 1196 - Kavishwar Bhaskar
3. Vatsya Haran         - 1200 - Damodar Pandit
4. Rukmini Swamvar   - 1210 - Poet Narendra
5. Dyanbodh             - 1254 - Vishwanath Balapurkar
6. Sahyadrivarnan   - 1254 - Khalo Vyas
7. Rudrapurvarnan   - 1285 - Narayan Pandit
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