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****for the prelims focused more on the state board books of  6th 10 std****

****General Science NCERT - 5thto 10th
****Mental Ability Book- R.S. AARWAL
***Yojana, Kumkshetra, Lokrajya


NCERT Books-
*History-11th and 12th standard(Ancient India, Medieval India,  
 Modern India (Old and New)
*Geography-6thto 12thStandard
 One  Atlas for Studying of the maps

1]aadhunik bhartacha itihas-k sagar
2]maharashtracha sarvangin itihas-v.b.patil
3]strugle for independance-Bipin Chandra
4]India aftr Independance-Bipin Chandra
5]Modern india-Bipin Chandra
6]Maharashtracha Bhugol-Prof.Khatib

****Paper 2-Bhartiy RajyaGhatna ani Bhartiy Rajkaran

1]Bhartiya rajghatna aani rajkiy vawhar-Dr.V.M.Bachal
2]Bhartachi Rajyaghatna Sadhya-Sopya Shabdat-Prof.V.B.Patil
3]Maharashtatil Panchayat Raj-V.B.Patil
4]Panvhayat Raj:Ek vishleshak paramarsh-Dr.Nandedkar
5]Introduction to the Constitution of India- D.D.Basu.
6]Our Parliament-Subhash Kashyap
7]Indian Polity NCERT-10thand 12th Standard

*****Paper 3-Manav Sansadhan v Manvi Hakk
1]Manav sansadhan vikas- V.B.Patil
2]Manvi Hakk- V.B.Patil

****Paper 4-Arthavyavastha aani niyojan,arthik vikas,vidnyan aani tantrdnan
1]Vanijya aani arthavyavastha ghatak-K'Sagar
2]Aadhunik Bhartatil vidnan-tantradnan-Dr.Pramod Joglekar
3]Vidnan-tantradnanavishayak Pragati-Dr.A.P.Deshpande
4]Indian Economy – Dutta and Sundaram
5]NCERT books 5th -12th standard
6]Economic survey

 * भाषिक कौशल्यांचा विकास : डॉ. चित्रा सोहनी (नित्य नुतन प्राकशन मुंबई)
* मराठी व्याकरण : मो.रा.वाळिंबे
* इंग्रजी व्याकरण : पाल अ‍ँड सुरी
* य.च.मु. विद्यापीठाची भाषा विषयक पुस्तके

***NCERT’S are useful for everything except thought Portion and must be read thoroughly before
going for any specialized book****


  1. Dear Sir/Madam,
    Can you please suggest books in English language for mpsc prelims & mains for all the papers, especially general studies 1 to 4.
    Rajiv Dalvi

  2. sir,
    what is the sllybus for upsc mains and pre. exam....???? pls. suggest book list for both exams.

  3. very informative post indeed.. being enrolled in,I was looking for such articles online to assist me.. and your post helped me a lot :)

  4. ***NCERT’S are useful for everything except thought Portion and must be read thoroughly before
    going for any specialized book****

    -- ** Please Explain**

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  6. can you please suggest specific books for STI pre and mains only..

  7. sir can u suggest books for psi mpsc in english plzzzz


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  9. Suggest me some books for Talathi exams & Collector office exams.

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  11. hello friend ....anyone here who suggest me the books for mpsc exam .......plz mail me -

  12. hello sir what is the mpsc syllabus please give full detail...please suggest.

  13. Please send me the link to download the MPSC Syllabus for the upcoming examinations of PSI of the year 2018.

  14. Plz suggest me for book of sci and tech for rajyseva main topic wise in english medium